See What "no Depression" Magazine is Saying about "Warm Whiskey Nights"

by Emily Hinde 
November 23, 2016

Justin Ryan is a musician with a mission as he releases the eclectic record, Warm Whiskey Nights. Hailing from Easton, Maryland, we see a songwriter prominently on the rise with a style that blends equal elements of Country and Rock to the masses. For those who enjoy the sounds of artists such as Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell, Justin Ryan has crafted a song that is uniquely his own. On the recent release, we hear Justin Ryan take his music by the horns. His extraordinary talents for creating songs that are both heartfelt and engaging, offer up the perfect tone for the record. 

The debut single from the album, title track "Warm Whiskey Nights," had already caught my attention within the first listen. His vocal work offers a dose of heaven, and his musical artistry will have you head over heels.  One of the most captivating things about the record is Ryan's knack for telling a story; he makes the listener feel like you are in the song experiencing it for yourself. 

With key focus tracks such as "All Your Money," and "Take a Little Time," we get inside of Ryan's head and musical musings first hand. The result? A record that oozes beauty from start to finish, as it captivates our ears one note at a time. 

Justin Ryan's Warm Whiskey Nights is out now.

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